Pickling Naturally : Quart Sized Spiced Fermented Green Beans

Pickling Naturally : Quart Sized Spiced Fermented Green Beans

A few tips about pickling… * Use unblemished, cleaned organically grown vegetables. Trim off soft and discolored spots. * Use unrefined sea salt or Kosher salt.  Refined table salt has additives and is too fine and can turn out a saltier pickle. * The chlorine in water can inhibit good bacteria from forming, that’s why filtered water is recommended. * … Read More

Product Review : Collagen Peptides

Produst Review : Collagen Peptides

Here’s a product that I’ve been using for the last 2 months that’s worth sharing with you.  Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins boasts many health and anti-aging benefits.  Not only is it good for hair, skin and nails, but aids digestion and supports joint and muscle health.  The range of benefits is wide and varied depending on the individual.  For … Read More

Pickling Naturally : Cabbage Caraway Pickles

Cabbage Caraway Pickles

My interest in pickling has been simmering under the surface for sometime now.  When there was talk among our adult kids that we were gift exchanging cookbooks for Christmas, I made it known that I wanted books about artisan breads and fermentation.  Lucky for me, that’s just what I got! Before we go any further, let me say this…It’s natural … Read More