Chinese Chopped Chicken Salad

Chinese Chopped Chicken Salad.
The seasonal outdoor responsibilities have been beckoning and I dove completely in.   The hubs and I planted the garden and our flowers and cleaned up our yard from winter debris. This is a photo of our garden from a few years back.  Our soil was in need of organic replenishment this season.  Production has been down the last few years, ... Read More

Chinese takeout makeover…a spring cooking class

Chinese takeout makeover...a spring cooking class

Do you love Asian cuisine like I do?  Let me introduce you to a new class; Chinese takeout makeover… a spring cooking class, where we will be recreating some favorite Chinese takeout dishes with all healthy and fresh ingredients.  It can be done, so bring a friend and c’mon over and cook with me.  All recipes are delicious and made … Read More

Thai Seafood Vegetable Stew

Thai Seafood Stew
Seafood is my protein of choice.  Anyone with me? I could eat it everyday, so while the temperatures are dropping to single digits, I created this fabulous warming Thai Seafood Vegetable Stew.  It goes perfectly well on a cold winter night with a salad and crusty bread for the bread eaters in your clan. Before we get cooking, I want ... Read More

Butternut Squash Thai Curry Stew

Butternut Squash Thai Curry Stew
Hey all of you wonderful people, Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were full of significant connections with the people who matter most in your lives. We are deep into cold temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest.  The thermometer is dipping low.  This hearty vegetable rich, whole30 Butternut Squash Thai Curry Stew has been appearing and reappearing at our ... Read More

Four Fresh and Festive Salads

Winter Greens Salad with Tahini Dressing
It’s countdown time to Christmas and like me, you’re probably planning your menu for the big meal.  Here's a round up of four fresh and festive salads to choose from for your Christmas table.  Each one is unique and requires more or less attention to make, but all of them are vibrant and tasty, a perfect combo for your holiday ... Read More

Pickling Naturally : Fermented Beets with Cumin and Basil

Pickling Naturally : Fermented Beets with Cumin and Basil
I know some of you have been eagerly waiting for this recipe!  The process of Pickling Naturally : Fermented Beets with Cumin and Basil tempers beets natural sweetness, adds a pungent flavor enhanced by spices, herbs and natural earthiness.  We've been diving into these jars enjoying the mix of complex flavors that blend so beautifully together. Who would've guessed we'd ... Read More

Simple Homemade Taco Seasoning

Simple Homemade Taco Seasoning
Having this Simple Homemade Taco Seasoning around has been a game changer for me this summer. Taco meat made with this homemade seasoning creates a tasty filling that's healthy, quick and best of all everyone loves it! I've got a winning taco salad to share with you later, but first....this.  In just a few minutes you can shake up a ... Read More

No Bake Chocolate Freezer Pie

No Bake Chocolate Freezer Pie
After a long cold winter and spring let's get a summer food vibe going.  How does a rich and creamy frozen treat sound?  This yummy No Bake Chocolate Freezer Pie takes no time to whip up and it only has 4 main ingredients. Use a blender to whip up the rich and creamy filling in just a few minutes.  You ... Read More

Whole30 Salad Dressing Round Up

Whole30 salad dressing round up
Whole30 salad dressing round up is not only for those starting the year with whole30, but also for people with clean eating goals overall.  I promised you I'd give you some tools for a cleaner 2017 and I can't think of a better place to start than with sauces and dressings.  Condiments that are whole30 compliant kept me from food ... Read More

2 Habits for Improved Health

If you could change just 2 habits for improved health in 2016, what would they be ? It’s almost a year now since I completed my first Whole30 round.  Because my results were overwhelmingly positive in sustained weight loss and improved blood tests, I’ve stayed close to the Whole30 program for the past year. My take away from the experience? … Read More