Thai Seafood Vegetable Stew

Thai Seafood Stew
Seafood is my protein of choice.  Anyone with me? I could eat it everyday, so while the temperatures are dropping to single digits, I created this fabulous warming Thai Seafood Vegetable Stew.  It goes perfectly well on a cold winter night with a salad and crusty bread for the bread eaters in your clan. Before we get cooking, I want ... Read More

Butternut Squash Thai Curry Stew

Butternut Squash Thai Curry Stew
Hey all of you wonderful people, Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were full of significant connections with the people who matter most in your lives. We are deep into cold temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest.  The thermometer is dipping low.  This hearty vegetable rich, whole30 Butternut Squash Thai Curry Stew has been appearing and reappearing at our ... Read More

Curried Cod Chowder with Kale

Curried Cod Chowder with Kale
Something that makes me so happy is when Costco has fresh wild caught cod in their seafood cooler.  Each package has approximately 3 pounds in it.  We can eat fish everyday and never get tired of it, so we stock up.  Once home we rewrap the fish in 1 pound vacuum packed bags and in the freezer they go.  Being ... Read More

Spring Shrimp Noodle Bowl

Spring Shrimp Noodle Bowl
If you'd have told me 2 years ago that I would thrive giving up all grain including bread and noodles, I would have said you're crazy.  My whole30 experience changed the way I do food and I'm so grateful!  While raising our big family fresh bread rolled out of the oven bi-weekly.  Over time I'm learning to individualize my personal best ... Read More

All Things Fall Cooking Class 2015

all things fall cooking class

 I am excited to welcome you to all things fall, a new cooking class featuring the best of what this season has to offer.  We will prepare a complete meal with a variety of local vegetables and fruits that we’ve waited all summer for. The cooking and eating together takes place in a comfortable home setting and is designed to equip … Read More

“Zoodles” Red Curry Bowl with Cod

Zoodles Red Curry Bowl with Cod
If you lived with us for a week, you would be served up meals in a bowl not just for dinner, but for breakfast and lunch too.  I'm kind of crazy about the concept of a meal in a bowl.  It's a fun way to present food and layer flavors.  A protein and a green veggie makes it complete. Like ... Read More

Thai Spring Lentil Soup with Kale

Cooking Class:Seasonal Soups
Our garden is all in and coming up.  Hello mustard greens and radishes, lettuces, collards, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, kohlrabi, celery, cabbages, onions, zucchini, burdock root, carrots, beets, squashes, potatoes, green beans, peppers, cukes, dill and on and on it goes.  We cannot wait for that first bite of  freshly picked veggies! You can be sure I'll be begging for ... Read More

Freeze It Fresh : Thai Salmon Chowder with Swiss Chard

Thai Salmon Chowder

One of our local grocers about this time of year brings in a load of fresh wild caught salmon at a ridiculously reasonable price.  We stock up our freezer with filets and make a big batch of this soup for the long winter ahead.   This recipe makes about 8 quarts of delicious creamy chowder, all gluten and dairy free.  I pack … Read More