Kale Pomegranate Salad with Walnuts and Apples

Kale Pomegranate Salad
Don't wait until Christmas dinner to serve this nourishing salad.  It has all of the ingredients to bring it to holiday status, but it's also excellent for everyday.  You can dress it and it will stay delicious and crisp refrigerated for days later. Holiday season is here in all its glory and unfortunately with it comes cold and flu season. ... Read More

Cooking Class : Whole Meal, Whole Foods

Cooking class- whole meal, whole foods

Cooking Classes are back…yay!  I look forward to fun times stirring up delicious meals.  And, yes, we are baking these delicious grain, sugar and dairy free brownies that are actually easier to bake than conventional brownies. The goal of each cooking class is to help people feel more comfortable creating healthy meals from scratch using fresh ingredients. The classes are … Read More

It’s Not All About The Turkey: Festive Vegetable Sides


The produce this time of year is extraordinary in exhibiting variety and creativity. Just walking through a farmers market or Vegetable section makes me so excited and inspired.  Look at the Brussel sprouts and their design, the gnarly Jerusalem artichokes, the brilliant red of the pomegranate.  Do they not make you want to chuckle and worship The Great Creator all at … Read More