Sweet Potato, Coconut and Lime Soup

Necessity is truly the mother of invention.  When my cupboards are almost bare is often when inspiration comes alive as was the case with this soup.  I was in the mood for a fall soup but wanted something different, a novelty soup. Our pantry and fridge were seriously lacking but I did pick up some organic sweet potatoes at a ... Read More

The Best No-Cook Peanut Sauce

Having a garden means staying close to home for much of the summer, but we've been taking a few excursions here and there.  A couple of weekends ago we paid a visit to the nearby quaint towns of Winthrop and Twisp.  The Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop was our destination where we lounged in its upscale rustic setting, drank in ... Read More

Pickling Naturally : Kohlrabi Kraut

Kohlrabi Kraut
Our garden is in high achiever mode.  I'm trying to keep up with it without letting it crash my summer.  After inviting family and friends to come pick and putting up food for winter, the question remains...what to do with these kohlrabi? A generous supply of these Kohlrabi Pickles are already brewed and refrigerated for eating.  The green beans also ... Read More

Shredded Carrot and Beet Salad

Beet and Carrot Salad

Mint teams up with hearty root veggies, lightened up with citrus and ginger. This salad tastes like spring exploded in your mouth.  We just had the heaviest snow fall of the season and spring is just around the corner.  What more can a girl ask for? The more I eat veggies, the more I want to eat veggies.  I mean, I … Read More

Meal In A Bowl : Salmon Noodle Bowl

Salmon Noodle Bowl

This is healthy comfort food in a bowl.  And it only takes 30 minutes to prepare! In the midst of this busy season, I’m looking for healthy and quick.  If it’s all in one pot, even better. I created this for first time a year ago as a quick change up from my original dinner plan.  Son and daughter in-law … Read More

Asian Kale Slaw

Asian Kale Slaw

Home is a fun place to be. Especially after returning from vacation. The first weekend back we were eager to tackle projects we had been mulling over while away. Jack has been busy in his workshop building beautiful table and chair sets for grand kids. Don’t you love how he stained them in 2 shades? They are really going to … Read More

African Peanut and Red Quinoa Soup

African Peanut and Red Quinoa Soup

This flavorful soup, a bit spicy and full of vibrant vegetables reminds me of spring.  Seasoned with fresh ginger, garlic, chili flakes and cilantro, the ingredients form a beautiful medley of color and flavor. Typically when grain is added to soup the soup becomes thick and hearty.  Although quinoa is a seed and not a grain, I expected the same … Read More

Double Dark Chocolate and Ginger Biscotti

Double Dark Chocolate and Ginger Biscotti

When it comes to cookies, there are those that like them soft and gooey and then there’s the folks that like them crunchy and chewy. That’s the group I’m in and that’s what I love about biscotti. These twice baked cookies are easy to make despite their fancy name. You can get away with less sweetener compared to a traditional … Read More