Chinese takeout makeover…a spring cooking class

Chinese takeout makeover...a spring cooking class

Do you love Asian cuisine like I do?  Let me introduce you to a new class; Chinese takeout makeover… a spring cooking class, where we will be recreating some favorite Chinese takeout dishes with all healthy and fresh ingredients.  It can be done, so bring a friend and c’mon over and cook with me.  All recipes are delicious and made … Read More

Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fried Rice

Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fried Rice
I'm excited to share this recipe for Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fried Rice with you.  But first a little about my health journey and why. My journey to clean eating began 45 years ago at the age of 18 after learning of my mom's breast cancer diagnosis.  Her diagnosis came after my grandmother and aunt's cancer diagnosis and since then ... Read More

Leftover Makeovers : Gingered Fried Rice Soup with Greens

Gingered Fried Rice Soup with Greens

Why throw out leftovers when you can recreate them into a delicious new dish?  This is so basic that I had second thoughts about posting it.  While raising a large active family reinventing leftovers were part of the norm.  So here’s one very basic makeover from cooked brown rice. With one pot of cooked brown rice, you can make 3 different meals…the … Read More