Delicious Zucchini Grain Free Pizza Crust with Arugula Salad

Delicious Zucchini Grain Free Pizza Crust with Arugula Salad
Oozing with all the pizza goodness, this Delicious Zucchini Grain Free Pizza Crust with Arugula Salad delivers and satisfies my pizza craving and keeps my body humming on all cylinders. Finally, the long awaited zucchini plant is bearing fruit so I got right on making this zucchini pizza crust from the new cookbook Inspiralized and Beyond (by Ali Maffucci). Keep reading ... Read More

Taco Breakfast Bowl

Taco Breakfast Bowl
This recipe was inspired by the need to use up quality ground bison that was leftover from making burgers the day before. Taco Breakfast Bowl, a quick skillet meal,  kicks off the day right with a tasty blend of protein and veggies.  I created it while away from home, cooking in our airbnb kitchen.  But since being home awhile, I've ... Read More

Grain Free Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Grain Free Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
Happy New Year to you my friends! What a blessed busy, fun, not to mention hungry houseful of family we've had since December 22 through to today.  I haven't had a moment to get to my computer.  But our kitchen table has had a constant stream of the cutest be-love-eds eating around it. And there has been lots of giggles, ... Read More

Zucchini Hole in the Middle’s

Zucchini hole in the middles
Are you wondering what to do with those zucchini's that grow to mammoth proportions?  I don't know how it is we don't see them - especially when checking daily...but eventually they pop out of nowhere.  You can only make so much zucchini bread.  Now that I've gone grain free, I'm happy to make zucchini bread for my husband and guests but ... Read More

Better Breakfasts : Nested Eggs with Salmon and Greens

Eggs and salmon breakfast

Thank God It’s Friday!  Friday evening dinners are celebrated with a grilled salmon filet with an assortment of veggies.  It’s the exhale after a routine work week and a mini TGIF celebration.  Invariably, there are little bits of this and little bits of that leftover, including about 1/2 cup salmon.  A breakfast Frittata makes a great home for leftover veggies … Read More

Pumpkin Pie Crock Pot Oatmeal : Gluten, Refined Sugar and Dairy Free

Pumpkin Pie Crock Pot Oatmeal

The northwest’s 90 degree sunny days quickly turned cold and blustery.  It’s that time again to send the family out the door with a warm breakfast.   Here’s one that cooks all night, ready to serve up creamy fragrant bowls of spicy pumpkin oatmeal first thing in the morning! Hearty and high in protein, it nourishes all the way to … Read More

Better Breakfasts : Purple Potato Crusted Frittata with Swiss Chard

Purple Potato Crusted Frittata

Late August brings a new variety of veggies ready to eat from our garden.   While we are saying good-bye to lettuce, we have bountiful supplies of green beans, Swiss chard, kale, zucchini, crookneck, onions, carrots, cucumbers, beets, corn, and potatoes (russets, golden Yukon’s and purple potatoes).  Oh my!! And yes, I am trying to put food up like crazy. … Read More

Better Breakfasts : Garden Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Garden Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Friday is the one weekday I don’t rush out the door to work. I get to linger over my morning coffee. I get to spend more time in restful reflection. I get to play with our flowers and in the garden. This time is a perfect antidote after a busy week. It’s even better if I make it to SpokaneBarre … Read More