Fast, Fresh Honey Balsamic Dressing

Honey Balsamic Dressing

I celebrated a landmark birthday recently and was loved on thoroughly by those who know me best.  One of my gifts was a new salad bowl hand painted by this sweet young man.  He’s quite the artist…don’t you think? I love it and plan on putting it to good use frequently! Moving on …. I’ve been thinking about the seasons … Read More

Product Review : The Coolest Salad Lunchbox

The Coolest Salad Lunchbox

Our garden is planted and with the sunny, warm temperatures we’re having, seeds are bursting into sprouted lettuces, kale, chard and lots more.  In a few weeks we will have more lettuce than we know what to do with.  Since we pack a salad for lunch everyday in the summer, I’ve been on the hunt for a handy salad lunchbox.   What … Read More

Smokey Summer Quinoa Salad with Sweet Potatoes

Summer Quinoa Salad

Summertime may be the time you have a lot of visitors, which means more fun… and more people to feed. To keep costs down and to maximize on fun and minimize time in the kitchen, I stock the fridge with fresh fruit and a variety simple salads so family and friends can help themselves anytime to something healthy and ready … Read More

A Week In Review : From Garden to Table

From Garden to Table

We are picking a variety of lettuces, arugula, chives, baby chard, kohlrabi greens, radishes and kale from our garden these days. Every day we sit down to a humble feast! There’s something about eating fresh out of our backyard bounty that makes us feel like royalty. Is it knowing we’re eating such healthy and fresh food? Or are we reaping … Read More

Shopping Guide for Organic And Natural Foods, Tools and Seeds

Natural Foods

Azure Standard: Is a natural foods distributing company that delivers healthy food and living products to 22 different states.  Little buying clubs are formed in communities that pool their food orders and get regular deliveries from this awesome company!  You can purchase as little as $50.00 and you  will be amazed at the variety of products they carry.  This is a … Read More