Pickling Naturally : Garlic Dill Fermented Carrots

Pickling Naturally : Garlic Dill Fermented Carrots

A few tips about pickling… * Use unblemished, cleaned organically grown vegetables. Trim off soft and discolored spots. * Use unrefined sea salt or Kosher salt.  Refined table salt has additives and is too fine and can turn out a saltier pickle. * The chlorine in water can inhibit good bacteria from forming, that’s why filtered water is recommended. * … Read More

Spiralized Kohlrabi, Beet and Carrot Pickles

Pickling Naturally : Spiralized Kohlrabi, Beet and Carrot Pickles
Making Spiralized Kohlrabi, Beet and Carrot Pickles is what you do when you've done everything you can possibly do with your bumper crops of kohlrabi and beets and want to extend their season. I finally got around to pickling spiralized veggies with awesome results! But if you don't own a spiralizer, no worries.  Just chop the veggies in small pieces. ... Read More

Creamy Dill Sauce

Creamy Dill Sauce
Spring is here and what a great time to bring you an easy, fresh and quick spring sauce.  I gave my Smoky Ranch Dressing a spring makeover...and I mean, this Creamy Dill Sauce is soooo good-you could almost drink it.  Fresh parsley improves the flavor, health benefits and brightens up the color, so telling of spring. You can put this ... Read More

Creamy Cucumber Noodle Salad with Mint

Creamy Cucumber Noodle Salad with Mint
It's been a busy, fun summer full of celebrations of all sorts, and a quick visit to spend time with my Florida sis. Our garden continues to provide beautiful produce that inspires me.  Look at this gorgeous purple cabbage that went into kraut this week.  Isn't it so perfect? Here's a salad recipe I need to quickly share with you ... Read More

Pickling Naturally : Cucumber Dill Pickles

Cucumber Dill Pickles
After taking a minor detour to Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, we are back on track with preserving the summer's harvest.  That was quite a treat and I must say that I'm glad that pie can sit in the freezer, out of sight, until company comes so we can share it! Are your cucumbers coming on fast and in multiples?  Do ... Read More

Pickling Naturally : Mixed Vegetable Pickle Barrel

Mixed Vegetable Pickle Barrel
I've got a gallon jar (hence the name barrel) of assorted veggies pickling away in my pantry.  As each day passes the delicious fermenting aroma intensifies.  My store of pickles from last summers harvest is long gone, and we have been missing homemade pickles made the old-fashioned way.  Pickling Naturally : Mixed Vegetable Pickle Barrel is made with salt and ... Read More

Pickling Naturally : Kohlrabi Dill Pickles

Kohlrabi Dill Pickles

Our kohlrabi came up beautifully again.  That’s 2 years in a row now and both times we planted from seed. They make delicious lacto-fermented pickles! We love lacto-fermented veggies!  It’s a great way to preserve the harvest while increasing the nutritional benefits from fresh garden produce.  The natural fermentation process allows the development of beneficial bacteria and creates a live … Read More

Kohlrabi Fennel Slaw

Kohlrabi Fennel Slaw

Kohlrabi is a quirky veggie whose edible globe grows above ground.  It’s flavor reminds me of broccoli’s stem, though much more tender.  It is mild and delicately sweet, its texture, crisp and moist. Though the flavor of kohlrabi is unassertive, delicate hints of cabbage and broccoli come to the foreground. For those unfamiliar with this jewel of a vegetable, its appearance somewhat … Read More

Barley, Fennel, and Radish Salad and Lazy Day Radish Pickles

Barley, Fennel, and Radish Salad

It’s just the begining of the season where we eat what we grow and grow what we eat and radishes are full on! But what else does one do with the abundance of radishes besides slice them into green salads? I found this fragrant barley salad with fennel, dill and radishes in a recent issue of bon appetit. It looked … Read More