Creamy Buttercup Squash Soup with Maple- Balsamic Reduction

Creamy Buttercup Squash Soup

On Monday nights after a full work day, a few friends leave their businesses, jobs and homes and come over to hang out.   We all come to a screeching halt from our crazy busy lives for friendship, study and prayer…and sometimes food. When we do eat together we keep it simple; homemade soup, salad and bread, or what ever shows up at the table. I had time on … Read More

Summer Food For Winter Meals

Summer Food For Winter Meals

Saving money on groceries is only a small part of the reason I like to put summer food up for winter meals. Why not take advantage of the local fresh produce while it’s at its peak?  It offers the best flavor and nutritional benefits at a reasonable price.  Plus you are eating foods grown in the region you live which … Read More

Better Breakfasts : Garden Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Garden Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Friday is the one weekday I don’t rush out the door to work. I get to linger over my morning coffee. I get to spend more time in restful reflection. I get to play with our flowers and in the garden. This time is a perfect antidote after a busy week. It’s even better if I make it to SpokaneBarre … Read More

Sunday Dinner Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken

There is enormous pleasure in cooking good food simply, and sharing it. This easy-peasy roasted lemon chicken fits the bill in that it is classic, good, and it’s a main dish that everyone loves! It’s a Sunday afternoon, everyone’s home and hanging out kind of meal. Shortly after you place these lovely birds in the oven, delicious aromas will waft … Read More