Cabbage Crunch Arugula Salad

Cabbage Crunch Arugula Salad is all about the crunch and how well it goes with the sweet and sour whole30 approved dressing. It is the perfect complement to a hearty winter soup or side to any protein, and it's made with ingredients you should already have in your pantry. Not to mention that it's another great way to get your ... Read More

Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fried Rice

Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fried Rice
I'm excited to share this recipe for Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fried Rice with you.  But first a little about my health journey and why. My journey to clean eating began 45 years ago at the age of 18 after learning of my mom's breast cancer diagnosis.  Her diagnosis came after my grandmother and aunt's cancer diagnosis and since then ... Read More

Crock Pot Thai Chicken Tacos

There is so much going on right now and really all I want to do is hang out with my people but there's shopping, and programs and parties...on and on. I re-prioritized some activities this year so we could do a little Christmas slumber party with the grands.  They are so stinking fun :) We made gingerbread houses, Painted ornaments ... Read More

Pickling Naturally : Beet Kraut

Beet Kraut
We grew some humongous cabbages this year.  Approximately 50 pounds in all, about 10 - 12 inches in diameter. Traditional sauerkraut, 13 quarts to be exact, was brewed in a big crock. We still  have cabbages sitting in cold storage waiting their turn to be transformed into something healthy and delicious.  This recipe for Pickling Naturally : Beet Kraut puts ... Read More

Pickling Naturally : Mixed Vegetable Pickle Barrel

Mixed Vegetable Pickle Barrel
I've got a gallon jar (hence the name barrel) of assorted veggies pickling away in my pantry.  As each day passes the delicious fermenting aroma intensifies.  My store of pickles from last summers harvest is long gone, and we have been missing homemade pickles made the old-fashioned way.  Pickling Naturally : Mixed Vegetable Pickle Barrel is made with salt and ... Read More

Summer Food For Winter Meals

Summer Food For Winter Meals

Saving money on groceries is only a small part of the reason I like to put summer food up for winter meals. Why not take advantage of the local fresh produce while it’s at its peak?  It offers the best flavor and nutritional benefits at a reasonable price.  Plus you are eating foods grown in the region you live which … Read More

Better Breakfasts : Garden Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Garden Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Friday is the one weekday I don’t rush out the door to work. I get to linger over my morning coffee. I get to spend more time in restful reflection. I get to play with our flowers and in the garden. This time is a perfect antidote after a busy week. It’s even better if I make it to SpokaneBarre … Read More

Pickling Naturally : Cabbage Caraway Pickles

Cabbage Caraway Pickles

My interest in pickling has been simmering under the surface for sometime now.  When there was talk among our adult kids that we were gift exchanging cookbooks for Christmas, I made it known that I wanted books about artisan breads and fermentation.  Lucky for me, that’s just what I got! Before we go any further, let me say this…It’s natural … Read More