Wellness Soup

Wellness Soup
We got away to Maui-land for some rest & relaxation.  It was lovely.  We had a zip lining adventure that was oh. so. fun.   Watched gorgeous sunsets, swimming turtles and humpback whales. With a Farmers Market within walking distance from where we stayed, we enjoyed lots of fresh food right on our Lanai. But we also enjoyed some of Maui's ... Read More

Cooking Class : Whole Meal Salads & Gluten Free Artisan Bread Class

Whole Meal Salads & Gluten Free Artisan Bread

While it’s still snowing in several parts of our country (and in our city) let’s dream about soon to be spring and then… summer! Our long days of summer in the northwest are beautiful…not too hot, clear and sunny.   We squeeze in as much outdoor time as possible.  I like to have whole meal salads on hand any time … Read More

Product Review : Sweet Dreams Brown Rice Syrup

Sweet Dreams Brown Rice Syrup

Eliminating white refined sugar from your diet can do a world of good for your health.  Not only can you enjoy improved health, but your taste buds actually start tasting the natural flavors of real, whole foods. And when eating a complete well balanced diet full of fresh vegetables, fruit and protein, you’ll find sugar cravings disappear. Occasionally when you … Read More

Leftover Makeovers : Gingered Fried Rice Soup with Greens

Gingered Fried Rice Soup with Greens

Why throw out leftovers when you can recreate them into a delicious new dish?  This is so basic that I had second thoughts about posting it.  While raising a large active family reinventing leftovers were part of the norm.  So here’s one very basic makeover from cooked brown rice. With one pot of cooked brown rice, you can make 3 different meals…the … Read More

Make Ahead Easy Kale and Sausage Souffle: Gluten and Dairy Free

Easy Kale and Sausage Souffle

In light of the most recent tragedy our country has suffered, I hesitate to post something as trivial as a recipe. I think how unfair when many are deeply suffering, that life goes on for others. Words fail me. I, like many of you, are deeply grieved for those who have lost their precious loved ones, young and old. With … Read More

Zucchini Rice Gratin with Swiss Chard

Zucchini Rice Gratin with Swiss Chard

Zucchini quietly crept up on us this year. Every night we’d meander out to the garden to take a peak at its progress and we’d come away with dashed hope. Greens are taking over, including squash leaves, and I began to wonder if it was going to be a garden season of slow production of “fruit” but big on leaves. … Read More

Breakfast Brown Rice Pudding

Breakfast Brown Rice Pudding

Along with the cool crisp mornings that fall brings, comes a desire for more hearty, warm meals. I trade out the crunchy granola with fresh fruit on a summer morning, for whole grain hot cereals with dried fruit and nuts for these cool mornings. What I have for breakfast often determines my food choices for the rest of the day. … Read More