Grain Free Morning Glory Muffins

Grain Free Morning Glory Muffins
Made in the food processor, these Grain Free Morning Glory Muffins are the perfect treat for the lunchbox, after school snack or a grab and go breakfast. I'm reading The Hungry Brain by Stephan Guyenet,  and he talks about the most common calorie dense foods consumed by adults and kids.  You know what tops both lists?  Highly refined in ... Read More

Freeze and Bake Apple Pies

Freeze and Bake Apple Pies
We live in apple country.  When you live in apple country, you buy your apples from a local organic farmer and you make apple pie.  Lots of apple pies.  In one afternoon we put up 10 oven ready pies.  Yum. Many of my recipes are gluten free, but when it comes to apple pie, as per the request of my ... Read More

All Things Fall Cooking Class 2015

all things fall cooking class

 I am excited to welcome you to all things fall, a new cooking class featuring the best of what this season has to offer.  We will prepare a complete meal with a variety of local vegetables and fruits that we’ve waited all summer for. The cooking and eating together takes place in a comfortable home setting and is designed to equip … Read More

Lunchbox Chicken Salad

Chicken Apple Salad
Fall has arrived in the northwest bringing with it some amazing sunsets. September ushers in new schedules and commitments which means the day to day pace is kicked up a notch - especially after the lazy days of summer.  Being prepared with clean proteins, plus washed and prepped veggies helps keep me on track and eating well at times like ... Read More

Pumpkin Apple Breakfast “Cake”

Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Cake
Okay, okay.  So this isn't your typical cake.  It's kind of a cross between a pudding and a cake.  It's yummy, high in protein, and Whole30 compliant. Two days in to Whole30, and I was craving something bready.  Gluten was disappearing from our table, but we hadn't completely eliminated grain.   I created this Pumpkin Apple Breakfast "Cake" recipe to satisfy ... Read More

Kale Pomegranate Salad with Walnuts and Apples

Kale Pomegranate Salad
Don't wait until Christmas dinner to serve this nourishing salad.  It has all of the ingredients to bring it to holiday status, but it's also excellent for everyday.  You can dress it and it will stay delicious and crisp refrigerated for days later. Holiday season is here in all its glory and unfortunately with it comes cold and flu season. ... Read More

Sweet Potato, Coconut and Lime Soup

Necessity is truly the mother of invention.  When my cupboards are almost bare is often when inspiration comes alive as was the case with this soup.  I was in the mood for a fall soup but wanted something different, a novelty soup. Our pantry and fridge were seriously lacking but I did pick up some organic sweet potatoes at a ... Read More

Freeze It Fresh : Apple Plum Crisps : Refined Sugar Free

Apple Plum Crisps

Twelve Apple Plum Crisps in the freezer are a new addition to our freeze ahead dessert repertoire.  I love the combination of apples and plums for the rich color plums bring to the table (so to speak).  Not having the time this fall to put complete pies up as usual, I opted for the simpler application of fruit crisps, making … Read More