Three Bean Chili with Sweet Potatoes and Chipotle

Three Bean Chili with Sweet Potatoes and Chipotle

I love this blend of beans…the creamy pinto’s, earthy and sweet aduki beans, speckled with your traditional black bean.  Legumes are a valuable part of a healthy diet, because they are low in fat, do not contain cholesterol,  have a significant amount of protein when combined with whole grains, and are high in soluable fiber which aids in regularity and elimination.  … Read More

A Week In Review : Whole Foods, Whole Meals

Whole Foods, Whole Meals

Doesn’t it seem as though a good rhythm of cooking goes in cycles? During those times, a new art form emerges as I transform what’s “everyday” and available into a delicious treat and the process comes with ease and delightful abandon. Then there are those down cycles when creativity is stuck, staring at my pantry wondering what to fix for … Read More

Stocking Your Healthy Pantry


Creativity in the kitchen begins with a well stocked pantry.  Once you begin down the road to eating whole foods, you will be amazed at the variety of choices there are!   So much of the learning curve to improved nutrition is product knowledge.  One of my goals in teaching is to minimize how intimidating dietary changes can be for people. My cooking class … Read More