Shopping Guide for Organic And Natural Foods, Tools and Seeds

Natural Foods

Azure Standard: Is a natural foods distributing company that delivers healthy food and living products to 22 different states.  Little buying clubs are formed in communities that pool their food orders and get regular deliveries from this awesome company!  You can purchase as little as $50.00 and you  will be amazed at the variety of products they carry.  This is a great way to buy whole grains and legumes in bulk. This is where I buy coconut sugar in a 5 pound bag.  But don’t stop there…take a look at their online catalogue

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds: local for us Spokanites, this Ellensburg seed company boasts organic seed potatoes, organic garlic, and a variety of organic seeds.

Kitazawa Seed Co: I studied macrobiotic cooking under Cornelia Aihara…hence the Asian influence in my cooking.  Asian vegetables are so unique in flavor and texture and they add variety to my kitchen table.  This year we wanted to plant burdock, a hearty root vegetable that has an amazing nutritional profile and great for those young mommies we love, and their milk supply. We couldn’t find seeds in any store but found them here and now have healthy growing burdock in our garden.

Great-Eastern-Sun Co:We go through plenty of miso, noodles and sea vegetables over the coarse of a year and those are items I like having on hand in quantity. At considerable savings, this is where I do my bulk puchasing of Barley Miso, Whole Wheat Udon Noodles and Sea Vegetables, which all store well over time.  They have a large variety of other yummy products. Check them out @

Tropical Traditions: A great source for coconut oil and an assortment of natural products for a healthy body, inside and out.  They have regular Buy One Get One promotions!

The Kitchen Engine:  is in downtown Spokane and carries great tools for bread making (and tools for cooking in general) including Bosch Mixers and The Nutri-Mill Flour Mill. I have both and find them to be awesome tools that I use often.  The Bosch mixer I’ve had for over 30 years, making bread in it as regularly as every other week. The grain mill is a newby at my house.  It grinds so clean I can keep it on my kitchen counter.  Check out their cooking class schedule!

Your Local Asian Market: Don’t underestimate your local Asian market!! I have found shopping for things like sesame seeds can be so pricey on your typical grocery store shelf.  Our local Asian Market is the place to get those…unbelievably cheaper!!!  What else to get there?…fresh bok choy, soba noodles, and burdock root. In Spokane our favorite is: Asian World Food Market 3314 N. Division St. 509-327-2899