Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie

Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie

Inspiration often strikes when my pantry is near empty and I find myself rooting around to find something to eat.  Arriving home late from being out of town (like 2 am) and needing to be at work at 9 am, left me wondering what there was in the pantry and fridge for breakfast and lunch??? You know the old saying necessity is the mother of invention?  That’s the case here and the results were deliciously successful.

With coconut milk, a few organic romaine lettuce leaves, protein powder…

Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie

Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie

almond butter, doterra peppermint oil and cacao nibs, this killer Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie was created.  I love mint chocolate chip ice cream- but no thank you to the sugar, dairy and additives..

This is a delicious, healthy knock off for that creamy treat.  It’s nutrient dense so it works beautifully as a meal replacement too or a great snack for late afternoon.

Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie

About the ingredient  peppermint essential oil, don’t waste your money getting this at the natural foods store.  It doesn’t match the potency of doterra’s essential oils.  I tried and the results are not good.

Cacao nibs can be found there though and they are a great little novelty to have handy.  A bag will last awhile.  They are 100% real cacao…no sugar added.

Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie

This is really quick to make.  Mix everything but the ice and cacao nibs together first in your Vita-Mix until smooth, then add ice.  The ice thickens the shake but also dilutes the sweetness of the shake.  Thorne protein powder has some natural sweeteners in it so I add enough ice to mellow the sweetness too.  Adjust yours to your tastes, but I recommend starting with 1 cup of ice. Blend again. Taste and add more ice if desired.  I like to add a few teaspoons of cacao nibs and pulse right before serving.   Serve up and top with more nibs.  So yummy!

Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie

In other news I can’t stop making this thick and creamy nut and dairy free sauce.

creamy sauce

It’s too good on everything.  Think fish taco’s, dipping for grilled meat and veggies for a light summer meal, and a whole bowl sauce.  Come join me in learning this quick useful sauce and others – in the upcoming Sides and Sauces Class.  There are a few spots still open.

That’s it for today.  Let me know how you like the Mint Chocolate Chip smoothie.  It’s my new favorite 🙂


1 1/4 cups almond or coconut milk

2 full scoops of your favorite vanilla protein powder (I use Thorne’s vegan)

2 heaping tablespoons unsalted almond butter

4-5 leaves organic romaine lettuce leaves, rinsed and dried

3 drops doterra peppermint oil

ice to achieve your desired thickness and sweetness, start with 1 cup

cacao nibs


Place all ingredients except for ice and cacao nibs in a Vita-Mix and blend until smooth.  Add ice until shake is at the desired thickness.  Add about 2 teaspoons of cacao nibs and pulse quickly.  Pour into glasses and sprinkle nibs on top.  So good!

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3 Comments on “Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie”

  1. Hi Amy!

    Kris and I recently adopted the paleo lifestyle. It’s definitely an adjustment but we sure feel great! And so good knowing exactly what we are fueling our bodies with..

    I’ll be visiting your page often 🙂

    Miss you!

  2. Amy, Oh my goodness, this is fabulous esp with the warm weather we’ve been having! I made it again today and added a little Kale just to make it a bit greener. Neil loved it too!
    Thank you! Natalie

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