Grow A Garden In Your Kitchen

Micro Greens

Don’t let the smallness of these greens fool you into thinking they have little to offer.  These nutrient dense micro greens easily thrive on your kitchen windowsill in the middle of winter.  They deliver cancer fighting nutrients, fresh crunch and flavor that’s often lacking in grocery store produce. They are inexpensive, take no time to plant and nurture, and are ready to eat in about 5-7 days.

Micro greens are like sprouts but grow in soil. They also tend to be leafier than sprouts, since they are in essence, baby plants.  This is actually to me easier than growing sprouts.  You can use any leftover seeds from last years garden or pick some up at your local garden store.   Daikon, unhulled sunflower seeds, broccoli, arugula, Swiss chard and other greens do very well as micro-greens, because the growing medium provides the added nutrients they need to thrive.  Recycle your soil in between harvests.  Stir up the soil, let it dry out and replant.

Our favorite micro greens are daikon radish and unhulled sunflower seeds.  All you need are organic seeds and potting soil, a shallow ceramic or glass dish, sunshine and water.

Here’s how it’s done:

* Cover the bottom of a shallow container (I use a glass 13 x 9 in casserole pan) with about 3 inches of  organic moist potting soil.

* Sprinkle seeds over soil in one layer.  Don’t be afraid to be generous.

* Sprinkle a fine layer of soil over seeds to cover generously.  Pat down lightly.

* Place on your windowsill or in an area that gets good sunlight.

* Sprinkle with water everyday, taking care to not over water.  A watering can is a good idea because it     distributes water evenly and helps to guard against over saturating.

* Once they have leafed out, you can cut them at the base.  Place in a covered container and refrigerate.

* Use them to garnish soups and noodle bowls,


* sprinkle on salads


* use generously on sandwiches


I’m looking forward to planting some with our grand kids this weekend.  How fun would it be to find a heart-shaped growing container so they will have a heart-shaped micro greens garden, just in time for Valentines Day?

Do you sprout or grow a micro greens garden? What are your favorite seeds to plant?  Please share!