Healthy Living…Where do I begin?

Where do I begin

Please welcome Nutrition/Wellness consultant, DK Sylvester who will share her views as a guest blogger.  I recently met DK when she attended one of my cooking classes.  She visited hoping for some hands on help for her clients who desire practical tips on  cooking healthy.  You may appreciate what she has to say in this guest post.

Hello fellow readers and followers of Amy Grady’s wonderful blog!

I feel so honored to share my thoughts with you as a guest of Amy’s.  If you are like me, you look forward to your emails from Amy, with her delicious recipes, inspiring thoughts and you appreciate the nourishment she provides her family and her community through real food.

Food, as nourishment, has the ability to reflect the essence of who we are.  Our diets tell the story of where we come from, describe the connection we have to our past, and link our families and generations together through lifestyle and tradition.  You may not be the gardener in your family today, but someone in your genealogy line certainly was and that history is a part of who you are!  The opportunity to return to your roots and lineage is always accessible, and in doing so, you can profoundly change the outcome of your future and your health.

And so you ask, “Where do I begin?”

 Many of my clients struggle with this very same question and I will share with you what I share with them.  The process begins with forgiveness, acceptance and love.

The environment we live in impacts each of us in various ways.  Our society today is very driven and fast paced.  Our lifestyle reflects this chaos in our family schedules, varying commitments and the need for convenience and availability in our foods, clothing and entertainment.  Is it any wonder why we feel a loss of control when our most basic needs are rarely met?  As a result, we are often left with feelings of guilt, compromised health and a limited supply of energy.

The only way that we can truly change this ongoing pattern is by making a conscious decision to forgive ourselves and learn from our experiences, simplify our lives by taking control, and ultimately love ourselves enough to appreciate how much it matters to do things differently.  Food is the one thing we have absolute control over.  The more “real” our food is, the more real our life becomes!  There are choices we can make and benefit from every day.  Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Eat organic leafy greens every day!  Once you start incorporating them into your diet, your body will reward you with signs of improved health.  Don’t be surprised if you begin craving more!
  • Choose colorful foods as if you’re painting a canvas.  Envision your plate as an art project!  Do you remember complimentary colors on the color wheel from art class when you were a child?  Think vibrant colors = vibrant health!
  • Buy locally grown!  Support your local economy and environment by getting to know your local farmers.  Farmers’ markets are ideal places to make connections.  Start thinking about where your food comes from and in time you will start caring.
  • Plant your own garden this year!  Start with something you can manage and enjoy, whether it’s a raised bed in an un-used area of your yard, a potted herb garden in your kitchen window or a hanging pot of tomatoes.  Treat yourself to the cycle of growth from beginning to end and pay attention to how much your own food matters!

Food and love are inextricably intertwined throughout our lifetime.  We can allow food to harm us in significant ways, and yet we have the opportunity to let it nourish, heal, sustain and love us in its most pure and simple of forms.

Spring is an opportune time to create positive change in your life and in your diet!   Keep it simple, keep it real and allow Amy to continue inspiring you!  She definitely inspires me!

If I can offer you additional support in reaching your health goals, please contact me!

In Health,

D.K. Sylvester, AADP certified

The Metabolic Institute



Thank you DK!  You may want to hear her speak about reclaiming your health at:

Free Towne Hall Meeting

Monday, April 9  6:00-8:00pm

Deaconess Health and Education

910 W. 5th Ave.

Spokane, WA  99201

call for reservations; 509-747-7066