All Things Fall Cooking Class 2015

all things fall cooking class

 I am excited to welcome you to all things fall, a new cooking class featuring the best of what this season has to offer We will prepare a complete meal with a variety of local vegetables and fruits that we’ve waited all summer for.

The cooking and eating together takes place in a comfortable home setting and is designed to equip guests with practical skills, nutritional and product information that encourage the transition away from processed foods and moving towards clean eating and whole food meals.

   All Things Fall     Saturday, October 24       11 am – 1 pm       $40.00 for 1 person  or  $35.00 each when you bring a friend                                            

 What’s on the menu?  Butternut Squash Thai Curry Bowl will start us off, mixing local ingredients with far away flavors.  We will bake up Cranberry Orange Muffins that make a great addition to any fall menu.  The Paderno Spiralizer, (my new favorite kitchen tool) which eases the task of  chopping, and turns the ordinary into novelty, will help us create a Spiralized Apple, Jicama, Kale Salad with a Citrus Dressing.  And of coarse pumpkin must have a presence too, so Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Whipped Cream is for dessert.
 I’d love for you to join me!  Here are some specifics, but if you have any other questions please comment or e-mail me.  These classes do fill up quickly!
Butternut Squash Thai Curry Bowl
♥ All recipes are gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar free.
♥ All classes take place in our north – side Spokane home.
♥ Recipes, beverages and lunch included.
♥ Space is limited and prepayment is required. 
Please e-mail me @ for more info.
Looking forward to cooking together!

19 Comments on “All Things Fall Cooking Class 2015”

    1. Hi Karen! Okay – It’s always great having you as one of my cooking guests. I’ll e-mail you details

  1. I have eagerly been waiting for your next cooking class and am so sad that my husband and I will be at a marriage conference that weekend. Would you ever consider doing a private class for me and some friends. How many people would you want to make it worth your while? I really think I could fill it easily ;). Thoughts?!??

    1. Hi Amy! I would love to do a private class for you and your friends. I would need 8-10 people. I can repeat this class the following Saturday October 31, same time.

  2. We will be out of town on the 24th, but if you repeat on the 31st I might be able to come. Perhaps Megan or Bonnie too.

  3. Hi Amy – I too will be out of town that weekend but it all sounds great. Bon Appetite! Sheila

  4. Hi Amy, I am in for the class and I will bring my sister-in-law Carrie. I will send you a check for both of us. Eloise

  5. Count me in! Along with Debbie Smith and Megan Smith 🙂 I’ll mail you a check for all 3 of us. I need to track down your mailing address….

    1. Hi Chelsea! As of now the class is full! So sorry! I am happy to repeat it in October 31 the following Saturday. I’ve got a waiting list started. Do you 3 want to be on it?

  6. This is such an amazing class. Amy, thanks so much. The whole atmosphere of being in your house & learning how to cook clean food is such an encouragement to help me and my family eat health. As you stated, clean food can taste good too”. Thanks again. Looking forward to your next class. Karen

  7. Thanks Amy for the “All Things Fall” cooking class today. It was great, as usual, and all your recipes are delicious. Can’t wait to try them on the family. Just ordered my spiralizer when I got home from the class. Thanks again for all your hard work and preparation for the class. Anyone who thinks they might be interested in your classes and keeps putting them off is really missing out. Great time and great food!

    1. Hi Eloise! Thanks for your kind words. It was a very fun class with great company. Glad you were part of it!

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