Great Tools Any Cook Would Love

Great Tools

Do you appreciate having good tools? With the biggest shopping day fast approaching, you may be anticipating taking advantage of some great deals out there.  If you live in my hometown, a favorite local culinary shop The Kitchen Engine is opening extra early (7 am) for Black Friday with some great door buster deals.  Not only will you get low … Read More

26 meals in a day

26 meals

Last Sunday my daughter and I made 26 meals for the freezer.  A young mom of 2 and working part-time, she wanted to be better prepared for dinnertime. I’m always game for that, so we joined forces, rolled up our sleeves and got to work. What did we make?  Two tried and true recipes and 2 new recipes.  We prepared both previously posted recipes, Garden Vegetable Lasagne  using … Read More

Stock Up for Homemade Soup

Homemade Soup

It’s the ideal meal in a bowl.  Whip some up with the Simple Artisan Herb Bread  ( November 17, 2012 post) or Chapati’s (July 26, 2011 post), for a simple hearty winter meal.  Why not since we’re settled in for a long winter and temperatures are dipping down below 20 degrees F.? Here is what I stock up on to stir up a pot of soup on … Read More

Hit Reset and Eat Green in 2013

Hit Reset and Eat Green

No need to set foot in a specialty store to take a small step toward better health in 2013.  Just spend more time in the produce aisle of your local grocer.  The average American consumes potatoes, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce and considers that quite satisfactory for eating their veggies.  Why stop there when the vegetable family has the most to offer in … Read More

Freeze It Fresh : Homemade Pumpkin / Buttercup Squash Puree

Pumpkin / Buttercup Squash Puree

Naturally sweet, affordable, healthy and convenient….homemade pumpkin puree is a treat to have on hand throughout the fall and winter.  It has much better flavor than the store-bought variety and you don’t have to deal with the can.  If you haven’t grown your own (we have plenty to share BTW), you can find some from your local farmers markets for the freshest … Read More

Make It Healthy, Make It Fast


It’s Sunday… but Monday’s coming! Putting together health conscious meals takes a little planning and effort. Even with decades invested in natural and clean eating, Jack and I are in a season of life that makes putting food on the table fast a necessity… and because we choose to eat fresh and natural – it’s a challenge! Most weekdays we … Read More

Stocking Your Healthy Pantry


Creativity in the kitchen begins with a well stocked pantry.  Once you begin down the road to eating whole foods, you will be amazed at the variety of choices there are!   So much of the learning curve to improved nutrition is product knowledge.  One of my goals in teaching is to minimize how intimidating dietary changes can be for people. My cooking class … Read More

Tools for Your Favorite Cook

Tools for Your Favorite Cook

The biggest shopping day is fast approaching so why not be equipped with great ideas for stocking stuffers or lovely wrapped tools under the tree for the much loved chef in your life. You don’t need fancy tools, but just the right selection of quality tools will get you far in the culinary world. A basic guideline: stay away from … Read More

Shopping Guide for Organic And Natural Foods, Tools and Seeds

Natural Foods

Azure Standard: Is a natural foods distributing company that delivers healthy food and living products to 22 different states.  Little buying clubs are formed in communities that pool their food orders and get regular deliveries from this awesome company!  You can purchase as little as $50.00 and you  will be amazed at the variety of products they carry.  This is a … Read More