Ten Peach Pies in the Freezer…it’s easier than you think!

Peach Pie

Have you ever noticed what you reach for when you’re SO hungry you can’t think about anything else? Like when you don’t eat breakfast so by 10 a.m. that gooey donut at the office is impossible to resist. Or, in an effort to lose weight, you eat a salad at lunch but by the time 4 o’clock rolls around you’re … Read More

Roasted Rosemary Yukon Potatoes with Kale

Roasted Rosemary Yukon Potatoes with Kale

The “queen of greens” Kale, is gaining in popularity. The hearty leafy green deserves all of the attention it’s getting and it’s long overdue. It’s a nutritional powerhouse- check out these stats from www.webmd.com One cup of kale contains 36 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 15% of the daily requirement of calcium and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), 40% of magnesium, … Read More

Summer Squash Soup with Tahini Mint Garnish

Summer Squash Soup

Alice Waters is another foodie who’s inspired me. An author and restaurant owner, she was instrumental early on in the grassroots movement of eating local and fresh.  I found this recipe for Summer Squash Soup in her cookbook, The Art Of Simple Food.  I kept everything the same as her recipe, except I changed up her topping of Yogurt/Mint paste to a creamy addition … Read More

Maple Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese and Walnuts

Maple Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese and Walnuts

You know, I don’t have alot of friends…. that is, who like beets!  But when I’ve served them up this Maple Roasted Beet dish, they go back for more. We all know balance plays a big part in planning a meal, and integrating root vegetables with your above ground edibles, as well as enjoying a variety of fresh color is all part of the balancing … Read More

Two Favorite Main Dish Salads

Two Favorite Main Dish Salads

A landmark family birthday filled our house with kids and grandkids this last weekend.   I feel a bit challenged when it comes to feeding a crowd day in and day out.  There’s a desire to keep it easy but at the same time healthy and fresh, while spending minimal time and money.   To be honest I can’t say that I was successful this time. Our … Read More

Summer Soups: Roasted Green Bean Soup with Rosemary Mint Pesto

Roasted Green Bean Soup with Rosemary Mint Pesto

Since my last post we have added a wonderful new addition to our family! Haven Sage had her great debut on July 23rd! We are so thankful for a healthy, happy baby girl…and mama. Naturally we journeyed to Nashville where this all took place and stayed for a while getting as many snuggles in as possible. In between snuggles and … Read More

Breakfast Whole Wheat Chapati Wraps

Whole Wheat Chapati

You can sure tell it’s summer around here… unfortunately, not because of the weather, but because of the amount of house guests we’ve had.  For the past 4 weeks we have had family (yay!!) and friends (yay!) come visit pretty much back to back.  Jack and I have been working lots at our hotel www.stratfordsuites.com so it’s been a time challenge to feed … Read More

Refreshing Summer Treats: Watermelon Mint Popsicles and Ruby Crush


We sadly sent our kids and grandkids back to P-town today, after a sweet week-long visit. We enjoyed lots of great meals from the garden and Wesley loved cooking and eating outside while scanning the landscape for wild animals. Tatem was busy entertaining us with delightful squeals and smiles. In between meal times, there was water play, pool splashing, tractor … Read More

Udon Noodle Sesame Salad and Radish Dill Pickles

Udon Noodle Sesame Salad

Year after year we plant radishes that are either too pungent or too woody or too wormy….this year we discovered Breakfast Radish seeds and they are everything the other radishes were not. Tender, mild and even into maturity, pest resistant! We love radishes for being the first to pop through the soil and are ready to eat before anything else … Read More

Salt and Light – Green Smoothies and Greens

Green Smoothie

A recent message at church, given by my dear friend, Dr. Hany from Impact Middle East got me to thinking about how seemingly little insignificant choices we make have a big impact over the long haul.  He was preaching from Matthew 5 about how we can be salt and light in the world.  He said salt and light don’t have a strong physical presence, their influence is subtle … Read More