Meal in a Bowl : Tofu Red Curry Sauce with Vegetables

Tofu Red Curry Sauce with Vegetables

A few months ago, while on a visit to Portland, my daughter and I dined at the Thai Elephant for lunch.  With aromatic steaming bowls of curries in front of us, we oooo’d and aaaah’d over each mouthful.  I can’t shake the mouth-watering memory so I tried to reinvent it with this dish.  My husband loved it and while I … Read More

Meal In A Bowl : Thick Tuscan Bean and Kale Soup

Thick Tuscan Bean and Kale Soup

Let’s press pause from all of the holiday food chatter and talk healthy and clean.  I crave simple nourishing food after a big holiday meal.  How about you? I made some crusty “croutons” with some left over artisan herb bread; a good beginning to Ribollita or Thick Tuscan Bean and Kale Soup.  Ribollita simply means “reboiled”.  It’s usually cooked and allowed … Read More

Meal In A Bowl : Chicken Curry Noodle Bowl

Chicken Curry Noodle Bowl

I am forever on a quest for quick “meal in a bowl” dinner options. With a busy week behind us and no let up in sight, this Thai curry was a perfect quick dinner choice. It had the novelty you would expect from an exotic restaurant, a fresh element, layers of flavor and a beautiful presentation. Our daughter Kyah and … Read More

Kale – Cilantro Pesto with Toasted Quinoa and Black Beans

Kale - Cilantro Pesto

It’s that wonderfully crazy time of year again when I vow not to over spend, not to over commit, and not to over eat. It’s an extra ordinary challenge with the on going shopping lists, seasonal sights and sounds to attend, and beautifully decorated confections all over the place. My goal is to stay healthy, reign in the holiday busy … Read More

Meal in a Bowl: Five-Spice Udon Noodle Bowl

Five-Spice Udon Noodle Bowl

A bowlful of hot steamy noodles swimming in yummy broth is only the beginning of a satisfying meal. When time is short and cooking is the last thing I want to do…but I’m craving something healthy and hot – it’s Noodle Bowl time! My cupboards are well stocked with 10 lbs. of whole wheat Udon noodles, so discovering new and … Read More