Weeds, Sowing and Reaping

Weeds, Sowing and Reaping

Looking back into AMKT archives, I found this gem written by my husband about the lessons the garden can teach us.  The gardening season is now here and if you have children and are considering putting in a garden for the first time, this may inspire you to do so.  Besides the garden’s bounty, beauty, awe and all of the … Read More

DIY Garden Tools I Love

DIY Garden Tools

We are about to get our hands dirty with planting season right around the corner.   Why not take the time now to build these DIY garden tools I love – an outdoor garden sink and garden colander.  These tools have saved me so much time and have eased the process of harvest and cleaning. A few years back I … Read More

DIY Outdoor Garden Colander

DIY Outdoor Garden Colander
I am so excited to share with you this new garden accessory!  This DIY Outdoor Garden Colander is the perfect companion to the DIY Outdoor Garden Sink and it is so simple, my husband made it in one afternoon! This old friend needed replacing.   We've done some good work together, but it's time to give it a rest. This ... Read More

Organic Gardening Basics 2.0

Chocoate Walnut Zucchini Bread

This is a repost of a much earlier blog, but many of you have been asking about how to garden.  Here is an updated version… I never tire of listening to tales about my husband’s formative years. Growing up on 3 acres, his family raised much of their own food. At the age of 12, Jack planted a corn field … Read More

Product Review : The Roo Apron

Roo Apron

This is the coolest, must have new garden accessory I have seen in a long time.  It’s called “The Roo Apron”, created by entrepreneur Tamara Cullen. It’s created for all kinds of gardening and harvesting tasks, made of canvas and waterproof rip-stop nylon.  Click on this link to watch the video demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCnJt5XGW5k and for more info on where you can … Read More

Grow A Garden In Your Kitchen

Micro Greens

Don’t let the smallness of these greens fool you into thinking they have little to offer.  These nutrient dense micro greens easily thrive on your kitchen windowsill in the middle of winter.  They deliver cancer fighting nutrients, fresh crunch and flavor that’s often lacking in grocery store produce. They are inexpensive, take no time to plant and nurture, and are ready … Read More

Summer Food For Winter Meals

Summer Food For Winter Meals

Saving money on groceries is only a small part of the reason I like to put summer food up for winter meals. Why not take advantage of the local fresh produce while it’s at its peak?  It offers the best flavor and nutritional benefits at a reasonable price.  Plus you are eating foods grown in the region you live which … Read More

A Week In Review : From Garden to Table

From Garden to Table

We are picking a variety of lettuces, arugula, chives, baby chard, kohlrabi greens, radishes and kale from our garden these days. Every day we sit down to a humble feast! There’s something about eating fresh out of our backyard bounty that makes us feel like royalty. Is it knowing we’re eating such healthy and fresh food? Or are we reaping … Read More

DIY Outdoor Garden Sink

Outdoor Garden Sink

Is your garden planted and now you’re waiting for everything to pop up and grow? Why not build this DIY Outdoor Garden Sink that hooks up to your garden hose? After 2 seasons of full swing veggie gardening with the help of this functional tool, I’d hate to live without it. Bringing washed produce into the house ready to prepare … Read More

Organic Gardening Basics

Organic Gardening Basics

I never tire of listening to tales about my husband’s formative years. Growing up on 3 acres, his family raised much of their own food. At the age of 12, Jack planted a corn field which started his first entrepreneurial endeavor by selling his product to local vendors. He built barns with his dentist Dad, canned peaches from their orchard … Read More