The Sweet Side of No Sweets

The Sweet Side Of No Sweets

Let’s make one thing clear upfront, I like sweets.  My parents owned a wholesale candy and tobacco business.  We had thick Hershey almond bars in our freezer (only available to distributors) at all times keeping company with ice cream.  My mom passed down to me and my sibs her love for hot fudge sundaes. Another thing I want to clarify … Read More

2 Habits for Improved Health

If you could change just 2 habits for improved health in 2016, what would they be ? It’s almost a year now since I completed my first Whole30 round.  Because my results were overwhelmingly positive in sustained weight loss and improved blood tests, I’ve stayed close to the Whole30 program for the past year. My take away from the experience? … Read More

It’s A 30 Year Tradition

It's a 30 year tradition
In the middle of a productive gardening season, we slipped away for a little vacation.  Yay!  For the past week our family has disconnected from our daily routines to reconnect with each other at our very favorite place on earth. In 1984 at the recommendation of a friend, we started a tradition of attending Cannon Beach Conference Center to enjoy their ... Read More

10 Ways To Get More Greens On Your Plate

10 ways to get more greens on your plate
There's a big world out there of delicious leafy green vegetables - beyond romaine, spinach and iceberg lettuce, that you can reap enormous health benefits from.  Now is the time they are fresh and plentiful. Gardens and markets offer fresh arugula, kale, Swiss chard, bok choy, watercress, dark green lettuces, mustard greens and collards.  Here are 10 ways to get ... Read More

Life Around the Table

Around the Table

Unplanned, sacred moments happened in our home this last week around the kitchen table.  I don’t always know what’s going to come out of creating a meal and sitting down at the table, but I make the effort any way and I don’t always have time to cook healthy – from scratch dinners, but I do what I can, when … Read More

7 Survival Tips For A Healthy Holiday

Julienned Beet, Broccoli Stem and Carrot Salad

Are you ready for the holidays?  I’m asking myself that same question.  Not so much am I ready with shopping underway, décor up, holiday menu’s planned, but am I ready for the constant onslaught of goodies.  Do I have a plan in place to stay healthy and keep my immune system strong and ready to defend the holiday colds and flu … Read More

Make It Healthy, Make It Fast


It’s Sunday… but Monday’s coming! Putting together health conscious meals takes a little planning and effort. Even with decades invested in natural and clean eating, Jack and I are in a season of life that makes putting food on the table fast a necessity… and because we choose to eat fresh and natural – it’s a challenge! Most weekdays we … Read More

Healthy Living…Where do I begin?

Where do I begin

Please welcome Nutrition/Wellness consultant, DK Sylvester who will share her views as a guest blogger.  I recently met DK when she attended one of my cooking classes.  She visited hoping for some hands on help for her clients who desire practical tips on  cooking healthy.  You may appreciate what she has to say in this guest post. Hello fellow readers … Read More

A Week In Review : Whole Foods, Whole Meals

Whole Foods, Whole Meals

Doesn’t it seem as though a good rhythm of cooking goes in cycles? During those times, a new art form emerges as I transform what’s “everyday” and available into a delicious treat and the process comes with ease and delightful abandon. Then there are those down cycles when creativity is stuck, staring at my pantry wondering what to fix for … Read More

Ten Small Changes to Impact your Health in 2012


Twenty five or so years ago I was asked to speak at a women’s luncheon about dietary changes one can make to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Here it is again, a little better for wear after all these years and a bit tweaked from some lessons learned. 1. Slow down eating and chew your food well. Chewing is the first … Read More