Amy the author of "At my kitchen table" blogHealthy and fresh food inspires me to create. I’m not into fussy ingredients or even lots of ingredients. Real food can speak for itself. For almost 37 years now, our faith and enjoying the real food God created, have been two of the main pillars of our family life of 6. Our family has now multiplied from 4 kids to 8 kids plus the addition of 7 wonderful grandchildren.

As newlyweds, miso soup with sea vegetables along with whole grains, beans and lots of fresh produce from our bountiful garden, graced our kitchen table while sharing with an assortment of guests, either through cooking classes I taught or friends and family. Little did we fully know then that we were laying a foundation of healthy living that would impact our family and others for years to come.

Our nest is empty now, but my kitchen table remains the center of much activity. Our huge garden on the prairie still inspires me to create. I still consider cooking and eating together with family and friends a sacred event. Interest in eating real food, a vegetable based diet of seasonally fresh produce is at its peak. And because that’s what we’ve always done, I still find joy in teaching cooking classes so others have the opportunity to cultivate a healthy home.

This blog is a reflection of our life on the prairie including recipes, photos of food, garden, cooking class information and amazing DIY wood creations from Papa’s shop. Please enjoy and feel free to comment!

From my table to yours,