Spring Shrimp Noodle Bowl

Healthy and fresh food inspires me to create.  I’m not into fussy ingredients or even lots of ingredients.  Real food can speak for itself.

As an 18-year-old, heading off to college, an interest in nutrition and cooking real food began stirring in me at the same time my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A few years later I met my now husband of 43 years.  Between my husband and I combined, we inherited a family health history of breast cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Consequently, when we first met, clean eating was a shared interest.  From the get go clean eating, largely plant-based was our standard.  We had seasons of raising our own food, and seasons when we didn’t but nonetheless, ventured together into a healthy lifestyle as a couple, then later as parents of 4 great kids.  Now our kids are all married and our clan has grown to include 8 awesome grandkids.

We are thankful to God that now in our 60’s and 70’s we have escaped any diagnosis that we may have been susceptible to, thus far.  It’s not like we haven’t had health issues, but the things that have come up have been relatively minor and are manageable with lifestyle and diet.  We do what we can and trust God who holds our lives in His hands.  A drive to change a legacy of disease to vibrant health hasn’t been just for us, but for our kids and grandkids, as well.

Healthy and fresh has always been our motto.  Intentionally over the years our daily portions of colorful vegetables has been on the increase.  Our vegetable garden is an ongoing inspiration to turn out new seasonal recipes.  Nationwide, it’s a travesty how few fresh vegetables Americans eat, when there is such a wide variety to choose from.  Food allergies are on the rise, as well as obesity, diabetes and cancer.  In our home, being proactive in building immunity to these health and lifestyle challenges begins at my kitchen table and the benefits trickle on down to the next generation. In the absence of processed foods, refined sugar, fast foods, and bad fats, would you believe there is an abundance of good food to enjoy?  One does not need to feel deprived while making great strides toward getting healthy.

Cooking and eating together is a sacred event.  A table full of colorful ‘clean’ food, surrounded by friends and family is so very life-giving for me.  It’s truly a joy for me to connect with others and teach them to cook wholesome food without the use of processed foods, refined sugar, gluten and dairy, in cooking classes from our home. If you follow me, you will get notifications of the classes as they are scheduled.  They fill up quickly!  It’s been encouraging to watch interest grow.  You will also get new recipes that appeal to the paleo, whole30, vegan and vegetarian whole food eater.

At My Kitchen Table is a blog written to inspire, encourage and equip others to make a difference for themselves first and in so doing for generations to come.  It’s about cultivating the legacy of a healthy home that begins at the kitchen table.  Won’t you join me in this pursuit?


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